Tuition Payment

Thanks for your interest in lessons, if you’ve already contacted me about setting up a time I would greatly appreciate you paying the lesson payment at least 24 hours in advance of your (1st) lesson. Lessons are paid monthly, a month in advance, the last lesson of the previous month.
Below are the current rates and a link to my secure payment portal where you can pay by any standard payment policy. Please be sure to keep the e-mail receipts handy in case we need to troubleshoot payments that get lost a long the way!
Brian’s 2016 Lesson Rates
 45-Minute Lessons  (One-time payment)
 For 1 student (Please pay per number of weeks/month)

 For 2 Students(Please pay per number of weeks/month)

 For 3 students (Please pay per number of weeks/month)

Or you can choose the amount you owe