Adults’ and Seniors’ Lessons










If they can do it, so can you!


Seniors make great students!

It’s what they want to do and many have the luxury of available time to work on their skills and enjoy the music they are making. I enjoy teaching seniors the guitar in my Annandale studio and have made it a very positive experience for my students.
I don’t believe in wasting student’s time with teaching things that they have no interest in. I listen to my students and adjust lessons to their desires and needs.

For seniors learning or relearning the guitar, lessons can be a great experience. Besides accomplishing something new, it has been shown that learning a musical instrument contributes very positively to mental health. My convenient Annandale studio provides guitar lessons to seniors in that provide continued enjoyment.

Learning the guitar can open the door to making new friends and expanding your social life. Guitar lessons for seniors are fun and will stimulate your mind!

I personalize a lesson plans so that that they are both stimulating and fun and provides a new activity that will be enjoyed.

Adults’ and Seniors’ Lessons