Haven’t Played in Awhile?

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Haven’t Played in a While?

Some adults decide that they want to learn guitar for the first time. Many others who contact me have played guitar at some point in their life, stopped for a variety of reasons like family, job, etc., and want to pick it up and start taking lessons again.

These students are not beginners but may have forgotten some or much of what they learned 10, 20, or 30 years ago. They may also experience diminished manual dexterity in one or both hands (sorry but it comes with age), making it more difficult to form chords, play lead, strum and finger picking. Finger stretching exercises are important to do for all ability level, but are especially important for these students.

The exercises work, if you do them at the start of your practice sessions, and soon you will regain some or all of the dexterity that you may have lost since when you started playing.
One unique thing I do to help the learning process is to personally record parts of the lesson. These recordings, which are emailed to students, reinforce the lessons and can be used as a practice aid.

If you have any questions about getting back in the guitar contact me, I’ll be glad to encourage you! I look forward to seeing you in our Annandale guitar studio.