Beginner’s Guitar Lessons in Annandale, VA
During the almost 20 years that I have been teaching guitar, the majority of my students have been beginners. My guitar studio is conveniently located in Annandale, VA.

I have gained much experience and insight into how to most effectively teach these students and have just recently finished a new and comprehensive instruction book, So You Want to Play Guitar?


Most of my students pursue guitar lessons because they find it to be an interesting hobby.

Beginning children, teenagers, adults, and seniors require a different set of teaching skills, in addition to shared fundamental concepts.

Children’s Guitar Lessons
Many children who learn to play guitar may have studied another instrument like piano and/or violin. Learning to play these instruments involves a more structured approach in which the student must learn how to read music (standard notation). Often, the parent is responsible for deciding that their kid(s) should take up piano and/or violin. Learning to play guitar is less structured. Instead of having to read music, an easier and more logical system of chord boxes and tablature is used as shown in the illustration. As kids get older, they more often want to play guitar, and so, are much more likely to practice regularly and continue to learn. It’s cooler. It’s portable. Forming/joining a band and playing with friends and family seems more possible.

Teenager’s Guitar Lessons
By the time kids become teenagers, guitar is definitely the instrument of choice.Teens can take their guitar just about anywhere that allows for spontaneous playing. Although many children say which style of music/bands they like and want to learn songs by, teens tend to start focusing more on learning the music style(s) that are popular with they’re age group. Many like to learn alternative rock music, but there is also interest in classic rock, metal, blues, etc.

Adult’s Guitar Lessons
Some adults decide they want to learn guitar for the first time. Like other age groups, some have had experience playing other instruments. Many have played guitar at some point in their life, stopped for a variety of reasons like family, job, etc, and want to pick it up again.

Senior’s Guitar Lessons
For seniors, learning to play guitar can be a great experience. Besides accomplishing something new it has been shown that learning a musical instrument contributes very positively to mental health and keeps the mind agile.

My personalized lesson plans are both stimulating and fun and provide a new enjoyable activity.

Plenty of free parking and easy access are provided for guitar lessons given in my Annandale studio.

Are you a beginner? During your first month of lessons, the first one is on me. 🙂

The first session will be an assessment session. This allows me to determine your existing skill level and, therefore, guides how teaching should be structured to best meet your goals.